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  • 5 Signs You Are a Bohemian

    Posted on May 05 2016

      Bohemian style has taken over the world of fashion. Clothing that was once labeled for outcasts, revolutionists, and nonconformist are now in the mainstream media worn by celebrities. Music...

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  • What Does it Mean to Live a Bohemian Lifestyle?

    Posted on April 20 2016

      Through the eyes of an outsider, Bohemia is often introduced as a modification of the hippie style. Or a root word for the ever-captivating “boho bag”. But more than...

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  • The Bloom of Bohemian Style and Festival Culture

    Posted on April 05 2016

      What is this obsession over Bohemian style in the festival culture? There’s neon EDM fests and head-banging metal rockfests, but the big ones like Glastonbury and Coachella are themed...

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  • Of Bohemian Fashion: Its Roots and Essence

    Posted on March 31 2016

    From Kate Moss’ baggy dress, Sienna Miller’s leather boho bag, to Vanessa Hudgens’ fringe purse, Bohemian fashion has flourished in the wardrobe of celebrities and continues to captivate the world...

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  • The Meaning of Bohemian Then and Now

    Posted on March 23 2016

      They are called free spirits, drop outs, wanderers, and nonconformists because of their unconventional way of life. They are urged to design a kind of living that doesn’t bow...

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